A taste for the beautiful is most cultivated out of doors
— Henry David Thoreau
The Light Between the Trees   Charcoal on illustration board   18X24" 2014

The Light Between the Trees

Charcoal on illustration board 18X24" 2014

Arcilia Gonzalez

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Arcilia Gonzalez developed her skills primarily using pencil and pen to recreate scenes she found interesting. She graduated from the University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, Kansas, as an undergraduate student with a double major in Studio Art (with a concentration in drawing) and English. Her education has expanded her mediums and now she has produced a body of work that explores different techniques using primarily charcoal to create scenic drawings. Her work has been shown in the Goppert Gallery at the University of Saint Mary for various student exhibits, as well as at Ten Thousand Villages Fair Trade Store in Lawrence, Kansas. Arcilia has also gathered experience with gallery preparation and maintenance by working for the University of Saint Mary’s Art Department and SavArt Gallery in Kansas City, Kansas. At present, Arcilia continues to experiment with charcoal as well as other dark mediums in Austin, Texas.

I create pieces using charcoal to strip down my work to the basic elements of light and dark, texture, and above all, detail. While I appreciate using other media, working with mediums that limit my color palette to black and white is challenging. I see powerful detail in landscapes and I want my work to encourage my viewers to go out and observe the natural environment. My goal is to capture a scene that feels so simple, yet contains so much.